Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael

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Jerusalem - Expulsion & Return: Second Temple

Below you will find the playback facility and link to the Jerusalem series lecture titled 'Expulsion & Return: Second Temple'…

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About Our Kehilla

A bit about the community

Shivtei is a thriving and buzzing community where something is happening every day of the week. Our website & Facebook…


Mazal Tov

Ariella Glick, and her parents Hayley and Jason, and grandparents Stephen & Beverly Adler and Eric Glick, in honor of her Bat Mitzva this Shabbat

Nir Saacks, and his parents Tami & Lawrence in honor of his Bar Mitzva this Shabbat

Berry & Shulamith Schwarz in honor of their grandson Yitzchak's Bar Mitzva this Shabbat, and to parents Zila & David Schwarz

Monty and Marlene Sacho on the engagement of their grandson, Gilad Weinberg, to Alma Neeman

Tessa and Moshe Cohen on the birth of a grandson, born to Avi and Maya




  • Elizabeth & Danny Ginsbourg, on the Bar Mitzva of their grandson Eli, son of David and Jackie Corre, in Ramat Bet Shemesh
  • Felicia & Dave Levin, on the Bar Mitzva of their grandson Tamir, son of Dean & Lara Levin, in Sde Eliyahu
  • Marcia & Pinchas Fisher on the Bar Mitzva of their grandson
  • Lynn & Mike Sacks on the engagement of their son Shaun to Yael Aviv, and on the birth of their grandson, born to Tali & Chen
  • Sonia Kacev on the upcoming marriage of her granddaughter Dina Wolf to Avshalom Shem-Tov
  • Barbara & Norman Emdin, on the birth of their grandson

Weekly Tefilla Times

Sunday to Thursday:

* Shacharit Early:   6:15 AM
* Shacharit Late:    7:30 AM
* Maariv:              10:00 PM


* Shacharit:   7:15 AM

Shabbat Times