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Zionism: Then & Now

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Zionism and the creation of the modern State of Israel redefined the contours of Jewish life. This course seeks to address fundamental issues such as: The evolution of Zionism; who opposed Zionism and why; the impact on Jewish identity; the relationship with the land of Israel; Zionism and the Arabs; Orthodox responses to Zionism.

Through a careful study of the history and ideas of this dynamic movement you will gain a clearer understanding of many of the forces and issues that dominate life in the State of Israel and the Jewish world today.

Study Times & Semester Dates

Wednesday evenings : 20:30 21.45

Wednesday 16 October 25 December 2013

Course Fees

250NIS for Shivtei members

350NIS for non members

DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (zionism-then-and-now.pdf)zionism-then-and-now.pdf[ ]2010 Kb