Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael

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Meals Rota

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Meals Rota:

Whether you're not feeling well, or you've just had a baby, sometimes in life you just need a little helping hand. The Meals Rota provides literally hundreds of ready-cooked meals for you and your family in your time of need.

The Rota is coordinated by Elana Crowne (054 398 7668) and Iris Ostrin  (054 598 6222). They can always do with having more people on the Rota.

Please be in touch if you are in need or if you know of someone from our Kehilla that would benefit from this amazing service. Likewise, if you can help, please be in touch!

Meals Rota for Shiva Houses:

The chessed committee arrange meals for families during the week of Shiva. If you would like to participate in the mitzva of helping the bereaved family by taking food (prepared at home or bought) or helping with shopping, please contact one of the ladies on the chesed committee to facilitate coordination.

Gabey Gordon: 054 949 8383

Ros Kaye: 054 463 3617

Glenda Ellis: 054 737 0697