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Children's Services

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Every Shabbat in Shivtei Yisrael three different tefillot are held for the children of the shul, up to the age of Barmitzvah. Each service has been designed to be age specific, though the crossover is somewhat flexible, with the aim of providing for our children a reason to come to Shul that is both fun and meaningful. There is a running theme for each shabbat that gives focus to the services (for a list of the themes please click here)


For babies and toddlers up to the age of 3-3.5, that require accompaniment of their parents, there is 30 minutes of songs and stories themed on Shabbat and tefilla. The service is led by volunteer parents. It is interactive and lots of fun.


For those children who are happy to be left on their own, usually around 4 years of age, there is a service led by one of our teenagers that involves a structured yet suitable tefilla, followed by games and stories based around the weekly parsha. The children have lots of fun whilst getting a feel for the purpose of davening and shul.

Minyan Noar

For 1st grade up to barmitzva there is a fully structured minyan, for boys and girls that follows the format of a regular adult minyan, though heavily abbreviated. The children take active roles as chazanim and gabbaim, giving Divrei Torah etc. The minyan noar is supervised by one of our teenagers.